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Safety Savers® established in May 2008

Safety Savers® are approaching customers in a new way, making it even easier for you or your business to comply with health and safety.

We are based in London in the UK, with a team of dedicated people to meet your health and safety needs.

What do we do?

We supply a large range of health and safety products, and equipment all over the UK. We also supply our products to many other countries around the world.

Our range includes Safety Signs, Safety Boots & Shoes , Queue barriers , Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barriers , Workwear , CCTV, First Aid, Fire Extinguishers & Fire Safety Equipment . We also offer Spill Management Products including Rock Salt , and also offer a printing and logo embroidery service on a large range of garments.

We get our products direct from manufacturers and distribute them, which is why we can afford to offer such competitive prices.

How are we different?

We know that people are very busy and don’t have time to hang on the phone all day, or like dealing with loads of different people just to place an order, or make an enquiry. We also know that you need quality health and safety products at great value, and that you need a health and safety supplier that is reliable.

We deal with our customers on a one to one basis, and offer great customer service. We do everything we possibly can to meet your needs. Quality, Service, & Value for money are the key things that we feel will make our business a success. This is why we have gone through great lengths to provide you with a much better experience than any of our competitors.

Price Beat Guarantee!
We guarantee to beat any genuine quote! We are so confident with our pricing! If you find the same product for a cheaper price anywhere else, we guarantee to beat it!

24 Hour Customer Support
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! We are always here ready to take your order, answer any questions, or deal with any complaints. Great customer service is our number one priority.
Account Manager
We don’t like dealing with loads of different people when we want to order something, or have an enquiry, and we know that you don’t like it too. This is why customers that open an account with us will have their own Account Manager.

Direct Internet Order Access
You can shop with us online, any day, any time, 365 days a year!

Discounts for Account Holders
We understand that you are the reason why we are here, and therefore we feel it’s only fair to look after you, if you look after us. Customers that have an account with us, and use us on a regular basis will get great discounts on our products!

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Sep 082010

It’s not a secret that working at height is always connected with high risks. So if you really want to keep your staff and those who work around them safe, you will need to provide the training for them. Besides, recently it became obligatory for such workers to have relevant certification. So if you will provide your staff with such chance, you would comply with the law. Besides, such training will guarantee you that your operators would work more productively and efficiently so it should have a positive effect on your business. In addition, to be accepted on site you need to be a qualified person. The best proof is a certificate issued by a recognized training company shoving that you have successfully completed the training for the equipment you will be using.

As you may already know, nowadays different access equipment is widely used. The most common one is scaffolding. From it you may freely perform different tasks including dismantling, erecting, and functioning. It’s not a secret that a scaffold is a temporary, elevated safe walk operate surface area. In order to behave here safely you will need to know certain rules. The latter you will get to know in scaffolding training courses. Here your staff will learn how to perform the tasks without taking the risks.

As to the powered access equipment, here are also some certain specific rules in using it safely and effectively. In powered access courses your employees will be able to get all the required knowledge about this type of equipment as well as about it appliance. Each year more than 70 thousand operators are trained in such training centers. Besides, as with any training in this sphere, your staff will need to take it every 5 years in order to prove their qualification and show that their skills are at the same level. Here your staff will learn how to operate different types of powered access equipment. And according to the trained level at the end your staff may become an operator, demonstrator and instructor.

There are also other equipment that may be applied in construction sphere, but most of this equipment is connected with work at height. It is highly recommended for your staff to working at height safety training if you really want to avoid the accidents, which may rather often end with death. In order to free yourself from responsibility for such accidents you will need to guarantee that your staff is skillful and qualified enough to fulfill complicated tasks at height. In addition, you should keep in mind that such training is an obligation nowadays. So if you hire employees they should either already have a certificate or you should make them take the working at height training course.

Sep 082010

If you are dealing with vehicles with crane you should know that it is highly recommended to take specific HIAB training. As you may already know HIAB is a common name for many lorry loaders. You should also know that HIABs are widely used because they may help to load any types of cargo. So in these trainings you will learn that there exist different types of cranes. Each of them is used in different lines of work. Of course, we have every reason to believe that in general all cranes have the same basic objective. It is to lift some object and move it from one point to another. The vehicles with the cranes are an evolution of cranes appliance. They are rather convenient and are good for unloading any kinds of available materials. So as you see the vehicles with cranes differ from other vehicles that’s why the training here is specific.

Of course, among these trucks there exist different types, but the main goal of all of them is to lift and to transport the goods. So they should be able to support the load of the logs. Some of the trucks may be with an elongated back while the others are equipped with a hydraulic crane to grab the goods and place them in the bed. As you may see these trucks are huge so the driver must be able to cope with all loads and know how to maneuver correctly in order to ensure safety in the road. In addition, the driver should be skillful enough in order to operate certain type of crane.

HIAB training provides the clients with full crane operator training. When choosing the training center for operators of vehicle loading cranes, be sure that it provides the certificate which is nationally accredited and recognized. As far as the issue is concerned, such operator training is provided for people in order to ensure safe and the most effective use of the load handling equipment due to the fact that according to the statistics most of the accidents happen in this sphere. At the end of the course you will need to pass through examination, which will consist of practical and written parts.

To tell the truth, HIAB training has many advantages and it can help many lorry drivers to improve their skills as well as to get some more useful experience. After this training course you will know all main methods of the safe and efficient operating the HIAB. Besides, every lorry driver is legally obliged to have a relevant qualification in order to operate a lorry mounted crane.

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