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Overview of African Mango Plus

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We often hear about yet another weight loss or energy boosting product that tops all previous ones, but in the end it most often is either a scam or just does the same thing under a different name. The history behind African Mango Plus is a slightly different one though, mainly due to the properties and usage of that sort of mango fruit itself.

More about African Mango

African mango, also known as wild mango or bush mango, is a well known tree in southeastern Asia and Africa, a genus of the Irvingiaceae tree family, but it’s just beginning to gain popularity in other parts of the world. The main reason for that is the positive effects of its mango-like fruits and more specifically the fruit’s nut which is rich of useful fats and proteins.

While evidence suggests that locals have apparently benefited from the properties of this mango nut for hundreds of years, actual scientific studies and experimental observations have only been done in the last couple of years. Although the initial results were ambiguous, a better controlled environment and higher number of test subjects in later experiments have certified that positive effects of African mango. Click the following link to read more about that experiment, held in 2009:


As far as the African Mango Plus product is concerned, it is not just an extract of the fruit nut, but a multiple-ingredients formula that is meant to assist in burning fat, increase of metabolism and energy levels. What this implies though, is that it should not be taken with the expectation of a magical pill, but rather as a supplement to an exercise routine and a healthy diet.


The ingredients of this supplement are surprisingly few compared to other products, but this comes as an assurance that it does not attempt to trick the body through the use of useless substances. Here is the list of the main ingredients per single serving (1 capsule):

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – 225mg
  • EGCG – 135mg
  • Caffeine – 200mg (read the note below)
  • African Mango Extract – 150mg
  • L-Theanine – 8mg

Other ingredients include: Chromium (as polynicotinate), Gelatin, Cellulose.

Note: Due to the high level of Caffeine per single capsule (equal to 3 cups of coffee), it is strongly suggested that any other form of Caffeine intake is removed completely.

User Feedback

Although we’ve heard and found mixed opinions of this product, the main reason for the negative ones is either a lack of any exercise whatsoever, and/or a lack of a proper diet, and also the additional consumption of Caffeine-containing foods and beverages. Here are excerpts from some opinions by people who used the product in a proper manner and one who did not:

“…I take one in the am right when I wake up, then eat breakfast 20-30 minutes later. I haven’t changed my diet at all or my exercise routine and I feel SO much better! I’m very happy to have purchased these pills, and I’m about to purchase another 3-months supply…”
Portion of actual user comment on amazon.com

“…I have been taking this product for about 3 months now and have lost 30 lbs with it (50 lbs total, the first 20 were with diet and exercise alone). I wanted an extra boost so I decided to try this product along with my diet and am now averaging a loss of about 10 lbs a month…”
Portion of actual user comment on amazon.com

“…I begun taking the pills Mar 1st and to date March 18 I have not seen any results. I am not as disappointment because I have not been active and I was eating all kinds of junk….”
Portion of actual user comment on amazon.com

Our Verdict:

Taking our own experience with the product, the scientific conclusions on the properties of African mango and the general public opinion on this product itself, we conclude that when taken as supplement to a proper exercise routine and healthy diet, the effects are positive, without any side effects. The only exception to this may be a temporary initial discomfort due to the high levels of Caffeine, however it is not detrimental to the desired effects.

Free Bottle Options

By ordering the 3 or 6 bottle packages, you pay for only 2 and 3 respectively. Additionally, you get a free subscription to a high quality fat loss fitness program.

May 142012

Overview of XtremeNO

XtremeNO is a boosting formula intended to keep that skin-ripping, super-pumped look that serious bodybuilders get immediately after an intense workout.

It is developed and distributed by Muscle Advance, and is not to be confused with Lee Labrada’s Super Charge Xtreme N.O. product which differs in its ingredients.

More about Nitric Oxide

According to scientific studies there are many benefits to taking a Nitric Oxide supplement. Nitric Oxide (NO) is in its original form a naturally occurring gas which can be found in many living organisms, including human beings.

There is recent evidence that it can help dramatically in the area of muscle building. Here are some of the effects of Xtreme NO when taken as a weight lifting supplement in combination with the other ingredients it has:

• It maximizes fat burning process
• It maximizes full body recovery
• It helps improve muscularity
• It boosts load capacity

User Feedback

Opinions of actual consumers are positive in general and state that the products delivers what it claims to do, as can be seen below:

“…this product lives up to all it states it does. Extreme power, quick recovery, and more. This is far better than BSN or other manufactures products…”
Portion of actual user comment on illpumpyouup.com forum

“…the price is pretty good and you’re actually getting what you pay for…”
Portion of actual user comment on substancereviews.com

“…I have tried all of the pre workout supplements and they all have their pros and cons, but XtremeNO works consistently instead of a two boom then a bust…”
Portion of actual user comment on supplementcritic.com forum

Our Verdict:

According to the general consensus on the Internet and our own research, XtremeNO can effectively help you boost your load capacity, maximize complete recovery, maximize fat burn and improve muscularity.

Xtreme NO does not appear to be a scam and it doesn’t have negative side effects when following the provided prescription.

Coupon Discount Details

By signing up a simple form, providing your address where you want to receive your bottle (containing 90 XtremeNO pills), you’re only asked to cover the shipping expenses. It is delivered internationally, with the exception of a number of African countries.

About the company

The company was founded in 2002 and is a trusted name in the Health and Beauty sector. It is a member of the Natural Products Association and is dedicated to providing safe and effective products that help people improve their physical condition.
Note: The Natural Products Association is a trade association and does not manufacture, supply or sell any kind of products.

*Results may vary – This article makes no guarantee of results.