Jul 172010

Running for fun has become fashionable in our community as an easy way to lose weight. Whether you are starting out or a more experienced runner, you may at one point be forced to stop running as a result of an injury. While there are several fitness running related injuries, knee injury seems to be the most common one. Knee injury can hang on for a long time if not treated in a timely manner. But, as a runner you can prevent knee injuries by running smart. Here are some tips to help you guard yourself from a knee injury related to fitness running:

Use the correct running shoes

This is crucial not only in fitness running, but also other fitness exercises. It is advisable to find the correct shoe for your foot type. Not all feet are the same, some have arches and require customize shoe types that offer the right support. If you start off with the correct kind of shoe, you won’t have to start off with injuries. A rule of thumb: regardless of your foot type, your exercise shoe must have adequate support.

Reduce running on paved surfaces

You have probably heard this so many times if you have been running for a while. The main cause of running related injuries especially knee injury is running on hard surfaces for prolonged period of time. Paved surfaces exert more pressure on your knees. Even if you don’t experience knee problems initially, you may experience them later. That explains why anyone who has been running marathon and who trains on hard surfaces experience knee problems long after they stop running.

Avoid hill running

Whereas hill running has its own place in fitness running, it must be approached with caution. The best way to benefit from hill runs is to use moderation. When you do so, stay away from running on a surface that forces your foot to land at an angle. In other words, your foot must always land completely flat on the surface otherwise your bone alignment will be messed up.

Stretch well before after your run

It is important to remember that your muscles are stiff and contracted at rest, so before you go for your run you must stretch nicely. You can also perform some simple strength exercises to strengthen your knees. The more flexible and strong your knees muscles and ligaments are, the lower the possibility of encountering a knee injury.

Quality diet and Hydration

There is nothing as important as good balance nutrition and hydration when it comes to fitness. Though your focus may be to lose weight through recreational running, you need to remember that your body needs energy to work as it should. Your body requires fuel to burn the extra body fat. Additionally, you dehydrate when you workout.

Running marathon has assisted several people to lose weight while having fun. marathon training can be a great inspiration to anyone no matter athletic ability; it is a fitness sport for everyone. Before pursuing marathon training, it is important to find a reliable marathon training plan.