Sep 152010

Sometimes in the morning in the mirror you see your pale reflection. It does not matter why: whether it is winter and there is no sun in the sky, you want to sit in a warm room and to dream about summer; or it is spring, and vitamin deficiency, or your holidays ended three weeks ago, and from the elegant, carefully cherished tanning there have left only weak traces. You want to feel cheerful, healthy and beautiful very much!

Recently in our country, in addition to sporting clubs and beauty salons have also emerged institutions with intriguing title Wellness. What is it?

Wellness – is a new lifestyle dominated by health and well-being. This style was created in the 50s-60s of the 20 century in America.

This word is known since the XX century.

In conjunction with the fact that modern people of the “civilized” world country poses to his live getting pleasure from all that surround him. It fit perfectly with the concept of wellness – the maintenance of good physical and spiritual form with pleasure and without any violence on you.

What are the basic principles of this philosophy?

1. Relaxation and Harmony (stress avoidance or escape from them in the SPA salons)

2. Beauty treatments

3. Movement (Sports pho Fan)

4. Nutrition (naturally balanced)

5. Mental activity.

Philosophy of Wellness identifies three key areas:

1. Movement

It is necessary and correctly selected physical activity, stress free, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and prevention of injuries, with the active participation and assistance of professionals.

2. Relaxation

It means relaxation and removal of daily stress, which take place in a harmonious environment (water, massages, body hromototerapiya, relaxing music, and aromatherapy) or in movement (tai chi, yoga, Pilates, stretching).

3. Recovery

Nutrition Program, designed individually, taking into account needs of the organism, which would enhance the impact of relaxing treatments and motor activity will change the appearance.

The first thing you need to Wellness – is water. Water – is the oldest natural medicines – has a powerful healing effect. It was used anciently in traditional means of national water treatment and in the most modern, scientific methods of hydrotherapy.

For example, in SPA-center in the spa resort “Buymerovka Pine & SPA-Resort 1936” you will be asked to visit the world of tranquillity and bliss, emotional balance and physical health. You will forget about all problems that are so worried about, will relax with your body and soul. And after passage of SPA-procedures, which are selected individually by our experts, you will go out with renewed energy and vitality.

Feel the special atmosphere of SPA, the atmosphere of the sacrament: dim light, candles, incense and spices, soft soothing music, muted voices, sound of water: everything evokes feeling of total tranquillity and happiness.

Health and wellness – this topic is again very popular to lots of people. It comes as no surprise that nowadays many of us are concerned about themselves with high assiduity. And while one part of people is interested in taking care of themselves, the other one is considering how to run health and wellness business. People who want to deal with this business, require some knowledge regarding health & wellness programs to be successful in it.

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Sep 152010

You probably noticed that a man leading a healthy lifestyle, often causes the same emotions as the “Botany” in school? The concept of “healthy lifestyle” is firmly associated with jogging, charging and eating carrots. Recently, instead it people began to use a fashionable word «wellness». Although it is not quite true. Why, and what is wellness – you will learn in this article.

It is clear that the word wellness has come to us from the English language. American dictionaries treat it as a “state of good physical and mental health as a result of proper nutrition, physical activity and healthy habits.”

Simply, wellness – is a lifestyle with health and excellent feeling! But in order to care for your health and beauty would not become an additional stress, has developed a system wellness. It is CARE about your appearance, but without undue stress; more exciting life, but without unnecessary stress, physical activity, but not through force, but with a great mood.

In other words, wellness – it is the same healthy lifestyle, but in a pleasant atmosphere of well-being.

The sphere of wellness is all that can take care of the health and appearance and enjoy it. These are sport exercises that are on the mind, healthy food, not chips on change, laugh, walk to interesting places, dancing… Well, many things that elevate mood and produce healthy glow.

Basic principles of philosophy Wellness

1. Relaxation and harmony:

Young people are living today in a mad rhythm. So want to catch all: quickly prepare a tedious homework, and plenty to chat with friends, and to go somewhere in the evening … And in the day, as it may be corny, there is just 24 hours! Hence, the chronic lack of sleep, fatigue and purple circles under your eyes … And our bodies, unfortunately, have the ability to get used to all the conditions of life, and not only to good. To stress does not become a habit, you must learn to relax. Teach yourself to sleep and rest at least an hour during the day – life will be filled with more bright colours!

2. Beauty and body care:

Our skin is particularly sensitive to both the state of mind, and food. Therefore, after sweets or nervous yesterday, do not be surprised today to your bad mind. You should not perceive the beauty treatment as a boring necessity. He can be rest for the soul, psychotherapy, a small daily holiday.

3. Balanced diet:

Wellness – is, first of all, common sense and avoiding from extremes. You surely know how obese American nation. Even small children are affected by this problem. Unfortunately, it face us too. The cause of obesity is not even in food intake, but in its quality. And you should not sit on all diets indiscriminately; it can only lead to worse results. To write a good balanced diet dietician will help to you. And if you’ll follow his advice, you’ll not only become slimmer, but also will strengthen the entire body.

4. Optimism and positive thinking:

Two elements that help to create a harmonious way of thinking – it is optimistic and positive vision of life and other people. Negative emotions don’t make us self-confidence. It is hard to evaluate your actions objectively. It is better to admit your faults and if they do not suit you, try to correct them. For mental health you must also to put really meaningful, realistic goals and strive for them. And not to live with illusions and castles in the air – when they are broken, it becomes very painful…

Health – this topic is again very popular to many people. It comes as no surprise that currently many of us care of themselves with high assiduity. And while one part of people looks for taking care of themselves, the other one is considering how to run health and wellness business. People who want to deal with this business, should possess some information concerning health & wellness programs to gain success in it.

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Sep 152010

What products and how they should be delivered to the appropriate body system?

1. Products must be qualitative, that’s mean whole. Compare the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins in the product or isolated, isolated from the product – it is the chemical formula. But that’s not all. It is important to be able to maintain this integrity. The growing plant are balanced. Once the plant is separated from the ground in its life starts changing. It is important to keep the plant without preservatives, and it is not easy.

2. Products should be enough to feed the body as a whole. This is a question of quantity, and therefore – concentration.

3. Nutrition should be correct, properly combined. The combination of products gives different results. Therefore, the menu should be beneficial to the body. Everything is based on a combination of Yin-Yang: Yin – inside, Yang – outside. Take a breath; food – cleaning.

4. The difference in diet of each system of body. It is about delivering the right nutrients in the right system at the right body.

If you use chemotherapy and radiation to combat such diseases as cancer, it kills cancer cells, but it will kill healthy cells, whole organism. This applies to many drugs, because Entry into the intestine of chemical molecules in the body has no choice – take it or throw out, as in the case with whole foods.

It was found that cabbage, broccoli for example, is useful in cancer, it contains substances that can help the body to cope with the disease. And if you eat broccoli, it will not help you. Why? When we ate the cabbage, its chemical elements are distributed throughout the body. And an insignificant number reached the cancer cells, but not enough to fight with the disease. The question arises: how to deliver all the necessary elements in the right “destination”?

Now all grass painted in the books by categories of disease, even in China. Previously, it was not so. People said: “This grass will be on those channels. You eat it and it will go there. ” What does it mean?

Many people nowadays know about acupuncture and, consequently, about the energy channels of the body that bind organs and systems in the body. So, we ate vegetable products, and they come to the destination, in the right system in the proper authorities of the system. How? System-specific compounds from herbs have a “vehicle” to deliver nutrients to their destinations. Figuratively speaking, there is a “truck driver”, which carries nutrients and is a “navigator” (“Power informant”), showing to the “driver” the route of delivery of nutrients in the right system of the body – the endocrine, digestive, respiratory, circulation, immune. This is the foundation of the ancient philosophy of regeneration (recovery), it is wisdom, knowledge, and it is used in the production of Wellness.

It is important to note that the good functioning of each of the five systems – is one side of the coin. They should interoperate well with each other. If the systems work in harmony, there is a qualitative leap, which is called synergy. Everything you need for a jump is in plant foods. Only natural products have great potential for synergy. The body will be able to lead in order, to change without prejudice to its structures.

Health – this issue is again very popular to a number of people. No wonder that currently lots of our friends look after themselves with increased assiduity. And while one part of people looks for taking care of themselves, the other one is looking for how to set up wellness home based business. People who are going to set up this business, require some knowledge about health and wellness trends to gain success in it.

And it is the right time to remind we live in the world of modern technologies. Take advantage of the web network to get info about wellness business opportunity and how to buy all you require at the best prices available on the market. Check out forums and websites, sign up for RSS – all this will help you achieve your goal.