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Having a muscular chest will get you noticed quicker then almost any muscular group in your body. It definitely should not be ignored. While gaining muscle it is important to remember to workout all muscular areas of the body. However, if you do not know how to workout your chest muscles, you will not see great results, here are some tips to get you started.

Tip 1
Build chest muscle fast by not ignoring half of your workout. It is a common mistake to think that only the time when you are striving to lift the weight is important, but that is simply not true. The negative lifting, or release phase can help you speed up your development if you use it properly. Weight lifters at all levels of experience make the common mistake of allowing gravity to assist them. Avoid falling into this trap, and the extra exertion will add greatly to the gains you make from your lifting. This is the most effective way to build chest muscles fast.

Tip 2
Use dumbbells, not barbells. Although working with barbells will still produce positive results, these will not be optimum, because you should be working each pectoral muscle separately. The human body is never exactly the same on both sides, so when you lift barbells you are really allowing the stronger side of your body to compensate for the weaker side. If you use a separate weight for each side, you can tailor the weight to each side’s needs, and produce far better results.

Tip 3
Incorporate pull ups into your routine. Chin ups weren’t designed to build your chest, but when they are performed with a wide grip, they can be very effective in building the sides of your abdomen and the very outside of your pecs. Following your mainstream chest press exercises, do a few chin ups, and you will notice the difference they make in helping you to build chest muscle fast. There are also side benefits to this work, as your back and shoulders are developed in conjunction with your chest.

Tip 4
Build chest muscle quick by making use of combo sets. As soon as you have finished on exercise, whatever that may be, don’t wait to have a rest period, move straight to the next exercise – this can be effective with bench presses and then dips, or even bench presses and wide-grip pull ups – with the extra work that your muscles will be doing, you can make some spectacular progress in a short time.

This guide has given you some important basics in learning how to build chest muscle fast. Apply them and you can benefit handsomely!

The most important thing is consistency, I don’t know if I can stress this enough, if you are not consisten with your workouts, you won’t see results at all, period. Most buff guys that you see didn’t get there in one day, it takes them a few months, years, the best thing you can do is actually work out.

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Sep 182010

There are many tips out there to help you learn how to build muscle. All these tips out there mean very little to your muscle building success, unless you decide to start applying them. I will tell you about 3 of these muscle building tips that I feel are pretty important when it comes to building muscle and achieving your goals.

Muscle Building Secret #1

If you’re a hardgainer you had better make sure you’re lifting weights properly for your body type. This entails not listening to the suggestions from the professional bodybuilders, unless of course you have a mesomorphic body type and are on the juice. If you have an ectomorphic body type then you should try and learn from individuals that used to be scrawny but have learned how to pack on muscle to their body. Listening to the muscle magazines will more than likely just get you injured and will not help you gain much muscle either.

You own a unique body composition, their are people that have a similar body compositions, but most likely no one has the same exact composition as you. With that being said, outside tips can help guide you to the proper training and nutrition, but when it comes down to total success, you are your best teacher for your body type. What works for you make not have the same impact on someone else. Yet each Somatotype has their own similar traits that one can learn from to help them make the best decisions for muscle building. Whether it is dealing with training or nutrition, you should first figure out which body style you most likely fit into and then take it from there.

Muscle Building Tip #2

If you really want to achieve the most muscle gains, then I suggest you stay with mostly compound exercises with lower rep ranges. In order to obtain muscle growth, you have to ask your muscle to grow. You do this by putting a heavy weight demand on them that they are not used to. Compound exercises are more natural movements using multiple joints and muscle groups. This combined with using heavy weights and high intensity will send signals to your body that it needs to grow in order to handle all this stress you keep putting upon it. The key is to track your progress and constantly strive to beat the amount of reps or weight you did the previous workout the last time you did that exercise. As time goes on and you constantly keep going up in weight or reps, your body will keep trying to grow so that it has an easier time dealing with the stress being put on it.

Muscle Building Secret #3

Getting plenty of sleep and practicing recovery methods is the tip most people over look. Weight lifting puts massive amounts of stress on the body and muscles. Sleep is then required for the actual growth and repairing of the muscles. Sleep is when your muscles actually grow, so without the proper amount of sleep your muscle gains are going to be very little.

Executing proper recovery methods are also crucial. Weight Lifting has a tenancy to cause your muscles to contract. This can lead to problems, unless you concentrate on executing the correct recovery methods to neutralize this tightening of the muscles. The best ways to go about this is to either get a deep tissue massage, or buy a foam roller. Deep tissue massages and foam rollers make your muscles more pliable and help loosen them up. Following the massage or foam rolling sessions, you then need to focus on doing stretching. Stretching assists in lengthening the muscles back to where they should be. You should be doing at least as much stretching as you are doing lifting.

Hope these 3 muscle building tips helped you out. Trust me there are many more tips for helping you achieve muscle, but I felt that these 3 are pretty high up on the scale of importance. The best thing to do is read as much as you can about nutrition and muscle building so you can have a complete picture of what needs to be done in order for you to achieve those massive gains that you are aiming to reach.

Good luck,

Cory Cook

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