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1. Frequency. One of the main rules of eutrophy is: it is necessary to eat some times a day; it is desirable, not less than 3-5 times, but by small portions and at the same time.

2. A variety. A food should be various and not too extravagant. It is not necessary to become the maniac trying violently to eat any spinach or cauliflower, hated since childhood. But all the same it will not turn out to manage absolutely without tortures. It is necessary to limit quantity of fat, fried, sharp and sour food. The human body for normal functioning needs a large quantity of organic and mineral substances, and they necessarily should be present at your diet.

3. Graduality. It is difficult to refuse a habitual diet at once, therefore include “healthy” products into your diet gradually. Buy, or present to the girl (to the wife, mum, the grandmother, the neighbor – necessary to underline) a steam cooker. It will keep all useful substances containing in products, and thus will protect you from fats. Also it is necessary to reduce salt and sugar consumption.

4. Power balance. People like hares from that known advertising of batteries: will not reach finish and will not reach evening pleasures if energy stocks run low. The meal should fill our power losses and the feed system should consider it. Study the table of caloric content of products, and estimate the power inputs for a day.

5. The breakfast is obligatory. It should be high-grade and various, coffee and sandwiches with cheese are obviously not enough. The best variant is to return to the childhood’s oatmeal or buckwheat porridge. If there is no time in the morning, and there is nobody to prepare, it is possible to have a bite with a banana, an apple or yoghurt. It is good to eat soft-boiled egg or an omelet and instead of coffee to drink a cup of fresh tea (better green and, certainly, without sugar).

6. Eat under the schedule. For work / in institute it is possible to grasp a wheaten small loaf, musli, a mixture of dried fruits with nuts, an apple or a cheese slice. All it will help you to live till dinner in a good mood. It is impossible to refuse food intake for those who work in a night shift, thus it is necessary to eat something sweet (glucose will help an organism to consult with a stressful situation and will feed a falling asleep nervous system).

7. Dilute a diet. During a dinner and a supper do not forget about dense soups, they promote the best digestion and do not overload a stomach. The quantity of alcohol is necessary for reducing. Drink juice, tea or still mineral water. And here any aerated water should be forgotten as a bad dream. ANY aerated water negatively influences a gastro enteric path – ask the dietician.

8. The most important thing: observe moderation in all. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself in inhuman conditions, but also not to concern a food irresponsibly. Beauty and health are in your hands, more truly, at your plate. And what to do with it and what sauce to fill, it is up to you!

Health and wellness – this issue is again relevant to many people. It is not surprising that currently lots of our friends take care of themselves with high diligence. And while one part of people looks for taking care of themselves, the other one is considering how to run health and wellness business. People who would like to run this business, should possess some knowledge about health & wellness programs to gain success in it.

And it is the right time to remind we live in the age of digital technologies. Take advantage of the web network to find out anything needed and how to buy all you need on the best terms available on the market. For instance if you need vitamins for weight loss, use Google and other search engines to find it. Review forums and blogs, subscribe to RSS feed – all this will help you achieve your goal.

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